Day 1

Jun 22

Day 1 is officially in the books. Mauro and I arrived safely in Cannes and checked into The Martinez Hotel. At 7:40 pm we met with Pharrell Williams in the bar at the Martinez to discuss partnership opportunities with DOJO and his new venture I AM OTHER. If you haven’t heard about Pharrell’s company we urge you to read about it. It’s pretty cool and could pioneer a new way for recording artists to market themselves. Afterwards, we had dinner with the executive producers of HSI then walked down La Croisette to the Carlton Hotel. There we met and talked with everyone from Bob Scarpelli (Chairman of Titanium) to David Droga. The night ended in the famed Gutter Bar (nuff said).

Note: Everywhere we go people talked about the work that DOJO is doing. It makes me and Mauro feel proud to be here representing.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow’s a new day, but today was pretty cool.