Yay Press!

Jun 23

Ok I said I wouldn’t write about the award winners this year but China and Brazil left me no choice!

The country of China won its 1st Press Grand Prix! Unfathomable, yes…but well deserved. The piece “Heaven and Hell” tells a wonderful story and is executed impeccably. What can I say, it passed the test of making me inspired, jealous, mad, all at the same time. Well done China and congratz on your 1st Grand Prix.

Brazil continued their dominance with 20 Press Lions too! A true testament to their undying commitment to the craft of storytelling and design. Well done!

Why is this amazing? And why should we care?
Consider this fact: there were almost 6,000 entries this year in the press category and only 10 Gold awards given out. That makes winning anything in this competition incredible! Titanium is cool, but give me some good old fashion ‘smart’ print any day of the week.

Go China! Go Brazil!