ten kinds of awesome

1. Anger by Design

Dear Designers, ever feel like you’re being punched in the proverbial face? Creatively sliced and diced by the metaphoric hatchet? We get it, and now, there’s a GIF website just for you! A one-stop catharsis for all those times when you feel spiteful.

2. Art vs. Vader

Because we’re a little lot geeky, we’re busy drooling over this year’s Vader Project. See underground, up-and-coming artists  dismantle iconic Darth Vader helmets and turn them into seemingly drug-induced visions. This is the last year of the project, so get out your pocketbooks: bids start at $1,500 a helmet.

3. Bunny Theater

An oldy and a goody, this kitschy website will have you at “WTF?”

4. An Inspiration: Dennis Muren

If you don’t know who Dennis Muren is, you’ve definitely seen his work: he’s the guy responsible for that tear-jerking bicycle scene in E.T. Go see him speak this Wednesday and get back to what really matters: Reese’s Pieces eating aliens and the smart marketers that made it possible.

5. Music to Make Love [or Whatever] To

Stereomood does it right. Similar to Pandora, but instead of building a music station around a certain artist, type in “sexy” or “feel like crying” and get a customized playlist meant to suit just that mood. “Kissing” and “foreplay” playlists promise to take the guesswork out of seduction.

6. A Field Guide to Bros

Brohemians, Bro-Getters, the Broletariat and the Brogeousie. It’s all here. Expand your mind and break out the glowsticks, brah.

7. The Tourist Club

We like the way the founder of The Tourist Club must have thought. A bar nestled secretly in the middle of Muir Woods and only available to mid-afternoon trekkers, this is a long-awaited respite in what once was Sober Hiking.

8. Do-Gooder Hipness

Feeling the yuppie dilemma of retaining your hippie heart while still reveling in modern indulgences? Us too. Welcome: expertly designed bamboo iPhone cases. We’re not saying it’s going to shrink that pile of trash floating around in the Pacific, but we like how it looks, and small changes are everything. Man.

9. More Like Oil Thrill!

This oil spill sucks and we’re incensed over BP’s general incompetence [please go make a difference here]. But if one thing’s come of it, it’s this mock-Twitter account from the imagined desk of BP’s PR firm. Irreverence at its cleverest.

10. How to Get Internet Famous, Guggehheim Edition

Hallelujah! The Guggenheim–for its “first biennial of creative video“–is teaming up with YouTube in search of creative talent. We’re sure this ends well.

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1. Musical Refurbishing: What’s Old is New and What’s New is Already Old News

Who has time for gimmicky trends? Here’s music that just works. Released in March–but still one of the Most Played on our iTunes–The Bird and the Bee Interpreting the Masters: Hall and Oates. Getchya’ some and send your vibes on the Scenic Route to Awesometown.

2. Taking a Stand Against Cuteness: fupenguin.com

The cure to the common kitty. Look, we’re nice people, sensitive even. But we’re on cute animal overload. Although no longer updated, this blog still demands an occasional visit when you think it might be pretty awesome to tell a cuddlely pet with a camera-ready owner to go F– itself.

3. 50 Cent Getting All Skinny and Making Us Care About Him Again

Rapper 50 Cent looks like hell. It’s hard not to admire the guy–dedicatedly prepping for his next role as a college football star struck with cancer. We get it, Fiddy: you’re a serious actor. Call us when you’re done filming. We have sandwiches.

4. Read it? reddit.com

Simultaneously useful and useless, this forum consistently connects us to What’s Really Important. Like why swallowing doesn’t trigger our gag reflexes [Search it! A fascinating read.] Good for wowing new friends, or losing old ones.

5. Candy in General

Candy is what bacon was a few years ago: a quiet delight, noshed without pretense by recuperating weekend warriors. But soon, it too, will get co-opted by the foodie elite. Get in on it now, and we’ll see you when it comes time to unite with the sobering mantra: “We liked it before it was popular.” For San Franciscans, we recommend The Candy Store for all your weak moments.

6. Feeling and Looking Like an Artist

Like MS Paint for people with a design aesthetic, tricked-out Scribbler lets you get your doodle on. Designed by the ever-experimental Mario Klingemann, you can’t make a bad sketch on this thing. Make room on the refrigerator door, Mom.

7. Never Losing a Sports Bet Again

We’re big on sports bets, but up until now, we had no idea you didn’t have to risk losing. This impeccably designed chart predicts the World Cup winner using a fancy math-like equation that considers each country’s GDP for infallible results. Looks sexy, feels like science. Spoiler alert: Brazil wins.

8. A Sincere Note for People Who Don’t Know Who Justin Beiber is:

Hey, thanks–you’re awesome.

9. San Francisco Bike to Work Day

It just feels good. Sure, doing our part for the environment. But scowling at cars? Bonus.

10. Summer Weather!

Not here. But somewhere out there, we bet. Sounds awesome. Now, please pass it along and share your toys. We’re pale over here.

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